We did extensive research during the creation of the Kauai Beach Guide. The following book list comprises all of the books we made use of for our History section.

For your convenience, you can click on the image, or if there isn’t one, on the title, to see more about each book on Amazon.com.

The Story of Koloa: A Kauai Plantation Town, Donald Donohugh, 2001

Kauai: As It Was In The 1940′s And ’50′s, Mike Ashman, 2004

Rainbows over Kapaa, Bill Fernandez, 2009

Hanalei: A Kauai River Town, Daniel Harrington, 2008

Place Names Of Hawaii, Mary Kawena Pukui, 1974

Kauai, the Garden Island: A Pictorial History of the Commerce and Work of the People, Chris Cook, 1999

Legacy of the Landscape: An Illustrated Guide to Hawaiian Archaeological Sites
Patrick Vinton Kirch, 1996

The Kauai Papers, Kauai Historical Society, 1991

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