If you’ve been on Kauai for long, you probably know about EKK, E Kanikapila Kakou, presented by the Garden Island Arts Council. If you love Hawaiian music, then you definitely know of Willie K. He’s one of the most honored, most talented & funniest of Hawaii’s many talented musicians. On Monday, March 21 Willie K will be teaming up with EKK for a very special concert. It will be at the Kauai Beach Resort & tickets are $38 general, ($45 for the reserved section SOLD OUT). The concert is from 6- 9 P.  You can buy tickets at Soap & Wine; Scotty’s Music; and Kauai Music & Sound. Or, email giac05@icloud.com.

If you’ve not been on Kauai for long, you should look into the Kauai Beach Guide app. Right now it’s available on Google Play, and in just days, on Android. It has color-coded beaches to tell which are lifeguarded and safe, which are okay if you use caution, and which you should avoid for swimming. Daily weather and ocean reports, GPS, facilities at beaches and much, much, more.  AND, it’s FREE!! Kauai Beach Guide


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