Kauai Beach Guide


Find your perfect beach using the Kauai Beach Guide. The fully interactive GPS-enabled map, filtered searches, detailed beach information and up-to-date ocean and weather reports make this simple, quick and stress-free.

Kauai Beach Guide offers comprehensive information to help you find the safest, most tourist-friendly beaches on the island.

Fully interactive, GPS-enabled map.

Filtered searches based on safety, child-friendliness, amenities, swimming, snorkeling, and bodyboarding.

Daily wave height updates, weather for each coast, and also any ocean advisories.

Special color-coded pins tagging which beaches are lifeguarded, which are generally safe under good conditions, and which call for extreme caution.

Instant access to general beach information, as well as parking, campgrounds, and two of the most stunning coastal hiking trails.

One-tap access to driving directions from your location.

Learn about local marine life, history, and nearby points of interest.

Find out how “going green” during your stay helps preserve Kauai’s beaches and keeps them beautiful for future visitors.

Vetted by local lifeguards and Dr. Monty Downs of the Kauai Ocean Safety Task Force.

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