Reviews of Kauai Beach Guide

Kauai Beaches

by Life’s a Beach Dec 11, 2011

This is a must app for anyone visiting Kauai! Well written and very useful information is shared about all the gorgeous beaches in Kauai. Even if you have no planned trips to Kauai, this app might help you to go. I just returned home from a vacation…. Kauai is truly a garden paradise.


by Ukulele Ira Nov 22, 2011

This is a fabulous app with real time features, GPS, Safety tips, and loads of helpful information. It is easy to use and packed with information on each screen. It is a “must have” if you are planning to be on Kauai. It is also a helpful addition if you live there. Current weather and surf reports help to plan your day. If I see that it is raining on North Shore and clear on the West side, I know I should be planning the day to be in Waimea Canyon rather than in Hanalei. If surf is big on North Shore, I should be snorkeling in Poipu rather than up at Tunnels. And if your not familiar with the beaches and other attractions on Kauai, you will be with this app in your pocket.

Well Done!

by Seafarer Paul Nov 16, 2011
I live here on Kauai and this seems to be very accurate and concise. A great tool for anyone who loves the island. Residents and visitors alike will find it quite useful.
Great job!

Terrific Information!

by ESBenoit Nov 12, 2011
I have visited Kauai numerous times over the years, and this app is providing me with a lot of new and interesting information. Love the history bites, info about the local sealife – so much I never knew! Makes visiting the beaches even more interesting. The GPS, ocean report, and safety info add wonderful dimension to the app, so I can get rid of some of my other apps and just use this one! Thank you for creating such a user-friendly, safety-oriented beach guide – hope you do the other islands!

Excellent App – Learned things I didn’t know after coming for 10 years

by Bruce Zenter Nov 11, 2011

I’ve been coming to Kauai for over 10 years and was surprised that I learned so much from this app. Who knew. I really like the user interface and the quality of the graphics. Having the Ocean Report is fabulous (so I can know before I go to the beach). Just to clarify an earlier reviewer commented that it would be nice to have water clarity. It is there under ocean report (in the column labeled VIS). Thanks so much for a very useful tool to help explore Kauai.

Good App!

by Phoscheck Nov 11, 2011

Nice, easy-to-use. Good graphics and easy to navigate. Good reference for both first-time visitors to Kauai and anybody who lives here or visits often. Knowing swell height at each spot is a plus. Water clarity would be a bonus. (editor’s note: Water clarity is on the Ocean Report page under the column VIS, which is short for visibility.)

I am so going to Kauai

by Lopanism Nov 10, 2011

I was planning my Kauai trip for over two months now. This app is a nice addition to my trip. I use it now to learn more about the island, safety and beaches. And after I arrive I will use it for directions, surf report, weather and advisories. Thanks guys!

Outstanding!!! Highly recommended for travelers and residents!

by SteveBDH Nov 10, 2011

The Kauai Beach Guide App is a perfect guide for both Kauai residents and travelers. The app is very easy to navigate and it delivers the perfect amount of information about Kauai’s beaches with Aloha. Beach Toolz has delivered a winner here with safety being a primary focus of the application. All beach goers will appreciate the ability to locate beaches based on activities, location and safety. Beaches are flagged with color-coded pins indicating whether swimming is recommended or not. Beautiful pictures of each beach, a facilities list and historical facts connected to each beach area make the app useful for planning a Kauai trip. The local weather and ocean report are integrated into the app – I was able to eliminate looking at two separate apps! As a Kauai resident who visits Kauai’s beaches daily, the Kauai Beach Guide is the only app I need! Thank you Beach Toolz for a great app! Aloha!!!